Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow & Twinkle 2

Last week’s photo theme, Twinkle, is just perfect for the Christmas season, so I’m going to keep using it 🙂 But there will be some of this week’s theme, Yellow, as well. And… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

I’m not too fond of the theme for this week’s photo challenge (Yellow) so I’m doing last week’s, Twinkle 🙂 This is the first photo I’ve really taken of the stars, and I… Continue reading

(NYC 4/4) Lady Liberty

And here it is, the most thrilling part of our NYC trip: the Statue of Liberty! We took the (FREE) Staten Island Ferry, which passed the Statue (and several other interesting things like… Continue reading

(NYC 3/4) Wall St. and Ground Zero

Day 2 in NYC was spent in lower Manhattan. First up: Wall St. The funny thing is, we came right as a big demonstration was going on. #FloodWallSt it was called. So while inconvenient,… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Times Square is aptly nicknamed the “Crossroads of the World.” See more responses to this photo theme here.

(NYC 2/4) Walking around Times Square

After our Broadway show, we walked down to and around Times Square! So many tourists. So much advertising. 🙂 The hustle and the bustle! I didn’t know about the “Red Steps” until I… Continue reading

(NYC 1/4) “Les Miserables” on Broadway

Graduation trip, part 1 In September I had the opportunity to go to the East Coast with my dad for my college graduation (I attended college online). While there, we spent a couple… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

Love came down at Christmas, Love all lovely, love divine; Love was born at Christmas, Star and angels gave the sign. -Christina Rossetti The greatest descent of them all… For I have come… Continue reading

Utah (part 2): the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island, and bison up close!

While on our trip to Utah in May, we went to see the Great Salt Lake. Coming up to the lake. The white is dried salt left behind when the sun causes the… Continue reading

Utah (part 1): Journey, Snow, and Countryside

The following pictures are from our family road trip to Utah in May. Rivers And—this is so cool—there was snow on the ground by the road and we actually stopped and got to… Continue reading

Visiting a lighthouse

Strolled along the California coast and visited a lighthouse! Took these shots of the boats with my new telephoto lens! 😀 Pigeons sitting on the rocks It’s not usually open… Now we’re inside… Continue reading

A Dragonfly

Some pics of a dragonfly I took with my phone. That thing was fast!