(NYC 3/4) Wall St. and Ground Zero

Day 2 in NYC was spent in lower Manhattan. First up: Wall St. The funny thing is, we came right as a big demonstration was going on. #FloodWallSt it was called. So while inconvenient, it did add another interesting experience to our time there 🙂


Yes, lots of police presence.IMG_1483 IMG_1482

One thing that was rather annoying was the Bull being unreachable because of the protests. These pics are as good as I could get.IMG_1492 IMG_1495 IMG_1498


What a storeIMG_1536Wonder what these businessmen were thinking/talking about…


This lady asked the officers to smile for a picture, and they did 🙂IMG_1577

The news was there, of course.IMG_1573 IMG_1575Quite the crowdsIMG_1516 IMG_1517 IMG_1529 IMG_1531

Though, it was fairly well-behaved, at least while we were there.IMG_1535

IMG_1538 IMG_1558 IMG_1561 IMG_1568Though I may not agree with the protestors, I do thank God for this country that allows peaceable assembly and gives the freedom to speak and stand for causes.

On a more patriotic note, we also went to see the 9/11 Memorial. You come up on short walls, on which are inscribed the names of all who were lost, and look over them into the holes where the Twin Towers once stood. These have been turned into fountains and water continually runs down and into the holes.IMG_1893 IMG_1903 IMG_1898IMG_1910

But directly behind that is the new World Trade Center, quite the symbol of rising above the calamity to success.IMG_1895


Next post: my favorite part of the trip!