Colorado Springs: Lodge stay

While in Colorado Springs, we stayed at a Lodge while attending Andrew Wommack’s “Summer Family Bible Conference.”


It was an awesome Lodge–in my opinion, the best hotel we’ve stayed in to date 😎

There were several 2-story buildings set back from the road and arranged around a courtyard-like parking lot. We had rooms on the upper floor of one building, and it was so nice, quiet, and restful, we liked to leave the doors to the balcony open while doing things inside.

And it rained a few times!





It was really refreshing! As was the Andrew Wommack conference, which was on the book of Romans.

“It’s true that those who don’t accept the sacrifice of Jesus will spend an eternity in hell, but that’s not “good news.” …The Gospel is the “good news,” that despite our sins and the judgment we deserve, God has provided complete redemption for us. Even more specifically, the word “Gospel” describes the grace that enables us to receive this forgiveness.”

“When we clearly see the grace God has extended to us, the love of God will abound in our lives and we will live more holy lives accidentally than we ever have before on purpose.”